Karlie Kloss' Kode With Klossy Expands To 50 Tech Camps In 25 Cities For 1000 Girls Wanting To Code

Karlie Kloss Kode with Karlie.jpg

“Beyond just wanting to hang out with you guys, I want you to be a part of our big announcement,” supermodel Karlie Kloss told the four young alumnae of her Kode With Klossy coding camp. “You’re the reason we want to keep growing this.”

Karlie was referring to the coding camp she launched in a simple way in 2015 to inspire girls to learn to code and consider careers in tech. Before shooting a 45-second video, Kloss went around the room asking what her four young protégées had been up to since last summer. The New York Times was on hand to record the answers. 

Valeria Torres-Olivares, 18, from Princeton, N.J., was first to speak. She was accepted to Princeton University, where she’ll major in computer science. The room erupted into cheers. She also talked about the coding class she started at the Princeton Public Library with her younger sister Kyara, 14, a fellow camper.

“We made it girls-only so our students would have an environment they feel safe in,” Ms. Torres-Olivares said. “When boys are in the classroom, it’s harder.”