Demi Lovato Talks Parkland Students & Gun Control In Billboard Magazine March 10, 2018


Singer Demi Lovato covers the March 10, 2018 issue of Billboard Magazine. Stylist Jonny Lichtenstein chooses designs from Chanel, Rodarte, Baja East and more in images by Austin Hargrave. 

Lovato speaks to writer Mickey Rapkin about about her commitment to politics, acknowledging that she would have more fans if she stayed neutral. 

"My fans are like CIA agents," Lovato tells Rapkin speaking about her new connections with Parkland students who connected her with Emma Gonzalez who famously called BS on the NRA. Lovato describes their conversation as "very emotional and heartfelt."

"There’s way too many shootings happening in this country," continues Lovato. "I’m pro-gun control. Obviously for me..." -- she pauses, considering the potential fallout of her words -- "politics are difficult to talk about." But later, when we return to the topic, she takes a deep breath and unloads.