GLAMTRIBALE Twin Serpents Ecstatic Goddess Pendant Honors Women's Ancient History

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GLAMTRIBALE Twin Serpents Ecstatic Goddess Pendant Honors Women's Ancient History

Ancient cultures recognized that sexual energy is our creative and vital life force energy, but with the demise of the goddesses, and the rise of monotheism and patriarchy, women's status changed dramatically. Woman -- or Eve in the case of Christianity -- was responsible for the downfall of humanity because she succumbed to the devil's temptation. This entire topic interested me as a second wave feminist and led in my early 20s to reading the work of Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian doctor of medicine and one of the prominent second generation of analysts after Sigmund Freud. 

The controversial research and clinic work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich has always held a prominent place in my understanding of human nature and women's history. But an experience with kundalini energy in the summer of 2017 brought Reich's research front and center in my mind, as I created GLAMTRIBALE's Twin Serpents Ecstatic Goddess Pendant. 

Dr. Reich called the life force energy that became the focus of his research 'orgone energy' and he believed that it was an energetic connection shared by living beings, one essentially identical to 'chi'. As a student of Freud's theories around neurosis, Reich believed that traumatic experiences blocked the natural flow of life-energy in the body, leading to physical and mental disease. His arguments caught the attention of American authorities at the FDA when Wilhelm Reich concluded that the libidinal-energy that Freud discussed was the primordial-energy of life itself, connected to more than just sexuality. Orgone was everywhere and Reich measured this energy-in-motion over the surface of the earth with a machine he invented called.

It was truly ironical that in 1939 Reich had emigrated to the US, fleeing the Nazis' burning of his books. In 1956 and 1950, the US government's multiple agencies from the FDA to the FBI rose up against him, burning Reich's scientific books and journals, and leaving him to die in a federal prison in 1957.

In the last decade, top researchers at institutions like Harvard have gained access to Reich's research papers and have worked to duplicate his work on orgone energy. A multi-year-crowdfunded project to produce a documentary on Reich has just been completed.

In 2017 I embarked on a series of four Daily Om courses that had a tremendous impact on my behavior and wellbeing. I had my first experience with Kundalini energy, an incredible event that prompted me to read this excellent this excellent article about the sacred sexual energy of the Goddess. More.