Francesco Vincenti Captures Anastasia, Tatiana + Victoria As 'The Captive Dreamers' For Numéro Russia F/W 2018


Photographer Francesco Vincenti captures a dark, old-world elegance, styled by Lucio Colapietro as ‘The Captive Dreamers’. Models Anastasia, Tatiana Katysheva, and Victoria Schons pose for Numéro Russia Fall/Winter 2018./ Hair by Lorenzo Barcella

Vincenti writes about the editorial on his Instagram page:

The captive dreamers story was born from my idea of life. Three girls, out of the blue, find themselves on a trip inside a library bound in time. From the very beginning they don’t understand if they’re living a dream or reality.

What are dreams? Dreams are the mysterious and fascinating places of our unconscious. And if I asked you if life is a dream that we live day by day? What would you think? The truth is one, and it’s that we struggle with two realities: objective and subjective, and we’ll never know which is more true.

To me . . . Everything that you can imagine is real. Life is just a dream!