Jane Moseley Captivates In 'Morning Has Broken' By Hyea W. Kang For Vogue Korea December 2018

Jane Moseley by Hyea W. Kang for Vogue Korea Dec 2018 (11).jpg

Painter, sculptor, model Jane Moseley initially rejected the world of modeling, preferring to maintain her integrity as a starving artist, even working on a pearl farm in Tahiti, wrote Vanity Fair in November 2016.

Eventually Moseley became less invested in her image and more invested in a stable income, a decision that has worked well for her.

Turns out that straddling the two worlds wasn’t all that weird for Moseley. Her mother, Lisa Lindsay-Hogg, was a model in the 1980s; her father is cult horror-film actor Bill Moseley, and she’s been obsessed with the grotesque since she was a young girl. In her late 20s, which is middle age in this industry, and covered in tattoos of cartoon-character zombies, Moseley became an unexpected sensation. 

Jane Moseley is styled by Eunyoung Sohn in ‘Morning Has Broken’, lensed by Hyea W. Kang for Vogue Korea December 2018./ Hair by Rick Gradone; makeup by Holly Silius