Adrienne Jüliger + Kim van der Laan In 'Riders of Destiny' By Tom Craig For Vogue Japan January 2019

To Craig 'Riders of Destiny' Vogue Japan January 2019 (7).jpg

Models Adrienne Jüliger and Kim van der Laan are styled by Aurora Sansone in Dior Resort 2019 for ‘Riders of Destiny’, lensed by Tom Craig for Vogue Japan January 2019./ Beauty by Daniel Rull

Maria Grazia Chiuri was inspired by the Mexican tradition of Escaramuza for her Dior Resort 2019 collection called Diorodeo. Chiuri brought over a band of female riders from Phoenix, Arizona to celebrate the choreographed equestrian sport performed by women in traditional costumes, when she unveiled the collection at France’s Chateau de Chantilly.

A few weeks ago, AOC featured Jennifer Lawrence appearing in the Dior Resort ad campaign, a spread that ran into pc headwinds.

Phoebe Robinson, comedian and host of the “2 Dope Queens”podcast, criticized the ad for its location and for not including a Mexican model.

“Lol. Wut?! Sooooooooo, #Dior & #JenniferLawrence wanna celebrate traditional Mexican women riders thru a ‘modern lens’ …by having a rich white woman named Jennifer be the face of this campaign?” she wrote alongside a re-post of the campaign video.

“And like they couldn’t think of a better landscape to shoot than in California?! Hmm, I dunno, maybe…like…shoot…in…Mexico…with …a…Mexican…actress like Salma Hayek, Karla Souza, Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, or many others. But I guess they were all unavailable, so you had to go with Jennifer Lawrence,” Robinson wrote.

She said that using ‘modern’ to describe the campaign was, “ignorant and gross,” and asked her followers to comment with names of Mexican designers she could lend support to.