Charlize Theron Launches J’Adore Absolu Lady Squad Sensual Goddesses Campaign

Charlize-Theron-dior fall 2018-2.jpg

The dazzling Charlize Theron continues in her relationship with Dior Parfums as the face of J’Adore Absolu fragrance. In an interview so long and spilling over with candid observations that we will publish it tomorrow in AOC Women In-Depth, Charlize Theron manages to turn a discussion with Harper’s Bazaar UK about her new J’adore Absolu campaign into an extended conversation about diversity and femininity on-screen. Stay tuned.

The film was directed by Romain Gavras, and is a true tribute to the beauty and community of women. Over the song “Flashing Lights” by Kanye West, the new-look lady squad shows off their proud prowess. 

The new Dior J'adore L’absolu campaign, where Theron is seen bathing in a pool of gold, reminds us of the famous 1999 campaign featuring the supermodel Carmen Kass. This time, though, the sensual-yet-powerful character Theron portrays is not alone, as she was in the 2011 campaign below — Anne’s favorite. Theron is surrounded by a diverse array of women who share an ethereal quality. The scene is inspired by the painting ‘The Turkish Bath’ by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. Both the campaign and artwork integrate the eroticism of the naked female form into the relaxed sensual communion that women share apart from the male gaze.