Lupita Nyong'o Talks 'Black Panther', Time's Up & 'Sulwe', Her New Children's Book For THR

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Lupita Nyong'o Talks 'Black Panther', Time's Up & 'Sulwe', Her New Children's Book For THR

Actor Lupita Nyong'o covers the January 25, 2018 issue of The Hollywood Reporter, styled by Micaela Erlanger. Photographer Miller Mobley captures Lupita, an AOC favorite for her talent, work on behalf of elephants, and her determined efforts to stop the slaughter of elephants in Kenya. 

Lupita opens up about her globe-trotting childhood, exposure to political turmoil and why she went public on Weinstein: "I couldn't sleep. I needed to get it out." Then, we have Lupita's upcoming role in 'Black Panther', opening February 16.

Now the actress is planning to take an active role in the Time's Up anti-harassment initiative and is weighing how she can best serve it. She's as vocal in its defense as she is on subjects from colonialism to colorism, the prejudice against dark skin that is the subject of a new children's book she's writing, Sulwe, which Simon & Schuster will publish next year. "Sulwe is a young Kenyan girl who, though her name means star [in Luo], her skin is the color of midnight," she says. "And she's uncomfortable because she's the darkest in her family and goes about trying to change that, then she has this adventure that leads her to accept herself." The book came out of a 2013 speech Nyong'o gave "about my journey to accepting myself and seeing beauty in my complexion."

AOC is proud to say that we covered that speech and will post the link in a few.