Lily Aldridge Loves 'Sakara Life's' Plant-Based Diet, Getting A Big Boost From 'The Game Changers' Documentary


Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge is not new to a plant-based diet developed by vegetarian meal delivery service Sakara Life. Founded in 2011 by Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle, the GOOP-endorsed organic, vegetarian food delivery service was founded on the principle that food is medicine. Models Erin Heatherton, Hilary Rhoda and Karolina Kurkova also use Sakara. Note that Sakara does use honey, but will eliminate it from its dishes. The delivery service is expensive, but its testimonials ring true in 'The Game Changers' described by Vogue as "the shocking new documentary that will change the way you look at meat."

“When I first saw the study that indicated Roman gladiators were eating almost exclusively plants, I thought it had to be bs,” says James Wilks, a special forces trainer, winner of The Ultimate Fighter, and the star of The Game Changers, a new documentary set out to debunk the myth that meat is necessary for protein, strength, and good health through an exhaustive—and persuasive—lineup of tests and interviews with pro athletes, soldiers, and scientists. “After thousands of hours of research, [I realized that] everything I thought about nutrition—eating meat and eggs and milk for your bones—was totally untrue . . . I was shocked.”

Eventually, Wilks called in the big guns.