Michael Moore Brings Anti-Trump "Terms of My Surrender" to Broadway

"I do not accept living in a country where Donald Trump is president," Michael Moore announced on the stage of the sold-out "The Terms of My Surrender" at the Belasco Theater on Broadway. "And I'm not leaving America," he continued, -- this super-smart, looks-are-deceiving schlump of a man.

Moore's mission is crystal clear. The Oscar-winning filmmaker and bestselling author plans is determined to leverage his Broadway debut to ignite Americans to throw Trump from the Oval Office by his butt. Moore believes that satirists "can bring him (Trump) down with humor, comedy and ridicule - simply because his awfully thin skin just can't take it," Moore said in June.

The first stage of this mission is the one-man play, "The Terms of My Surrender," which debuted in New York over the weekend. It comes as Moore is also working on an anti-Trump documentary, "Fahrenheit 11/9" - a reference to November 9, the day after Trump was elected.