Three No Nonsense, No Boys Club Theatrics Republican Women Shut Down Republican Healthcare Bill

Republicans can box up yesterday's collapse of the healthcare bill however, they wish. Reality is that after Trump's inauguration, when back-room healthcare, overturn Obamacare strategy launched in the Senate, it was noteworthy that not one of the five women senators was part of the negotiations. Two of those women senators -- Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) sit on the Senate healthcare committee and Collins had actually drafted her own healthcare plan, in consultation with other senators, of course. 

One can argue that the third Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito (W Va) was dragged to the party. I'm in two West Va. Facebook groups, and the organized appeal to Capito from her constituents was breathtaking. The level of professionalism in social media video-making was awesome. West Va. doctors and nurses came home from 12-15 hr. shifts and made a video in the kitchen before going to bed. Voters were concise and informed with facts. The level of emotions remained constrained, as voters laid out the facts for Capito. 

These scenes were playing out all over America, but it was the three women senators -- Collins, Murkowski and Capito who brought down the Senate yesterday, and there is no reason to believe they will relent.