GLAMTRIBALE Enamel Dragonfly Pendants & Earrings Sets 2 Ways

This creative jaunt began with GLAMTRIBALE's love of patina effects but in our Trump downer mindset, we had to get happy -- and even a little bit crazy.  In the case or our Enamel Funky Daze Batik Dragonfly 30" Pendant w/Earrings, Anne began painting everything in the studio. Her mood improved dramatically, Trump or no Trump. And our classic Kenya black and white batik bone beads will never be the same again. 

Suddenly, our Woolly Mammoth Decoupage Enamel Dragonfly Pendant w/Earrings looks classic with GLAMTRIBALE's featherweight woolly mammoth decoupage beads and butterflies dancing with heart earrings. 

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