Madonna Says 'Dress Up! Speak Up!' In Luigi & Iango's 'Her Story' Film & Harper's Bazaar Germany April 2017 Editorial

Madonna Says 'Dress Up! Speak Up!' In Luigi & Iango Images For Harper's Bazaar Germany April 2017

It's almost 26 years since Madonna released 'Truth or Dare', the pop icon & feminist celebrated International Women's Day with the release of a 12-minute short film 'Her-Story', dedicated "to all women that fight for freedom".

Directed by Luigi & Iango, who lensed her Harper's Bazaar Germany April editorial above, 'Her-Story' opens with audio lifted from Madonna's January 21 Women's March address. “To accept this new age of tyranny where not just women are in danger, but all marginalized people,” Madonna says. “Where being uniquely different might truly be considered a crime. The revolution starts here.”

Short clips of Madonna’s 2012 single “Girl Gone Wild” also play throughout 'Her-Story', which ends as two figures carry a banner reading “We should all be feminists” down a dark alleyway. Madonna’s handwriting ends the film, scrawling the famous Hillary Clinton quote “women’s rights are human rights” in white text.

“Every Woman Has A Story! Don’t be Afraid to Use your Voice! To Help others! celebrate Women around the World!” Madonna wrote on Instagram, where she shared several of 'Her-Story‘s' individual segments.