Uma Thurman Puts Women Photographers Front & Center At 'The Parisian Woman' Premiere

Uma%20Thurman%20in%20Kill%20Bill,%202003,%20Miramax%20Films (1).jpg

Badass goddess Uma Thurman did a first, telling the male photographers at her Broadway premiere ofBeau Willimon's 'The Parisian Woman'  to make way for the female photographers, so they could get a good shot. Uma says it's time to break up the Boys Club and she took action Thursday night, putting the women photographers front and center so they could get a good shot, writes W Magazine.

As she was posing alongside her cast members Josh Lucas, Blair Brown and Phillipa Soo, Thurman paused the moment to request that the male photographers capturing them clear a path for their female colleagues. “That’s the way things are going these days,” she said, according to The Daily News.

Thurman fans remain on alert for her promised weigh-in on her own Harvey Weinsteinexperiences. Initially when Thurman was asked about the mounting sexual allegations within Hollywood, she told Access Hollywood, "I don't have a tidy sound bite for you because I'm not a child and I have learned that when I've spoken in anger I usually regret the way I express myself. So I've been waiting to feel less angry and when I'm ready I'll say what I have to say."