Jessica Chastain On Molly Bloom: "She Doesn't Trade Romance For Leverage" | Town & Country December 2017

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Actor Jessica Chastain covers the December 2017 issue of Town & Country, styled by Nicoletta Santoro. Photographer Matthew Brookes flashes the star of 'Molly Bloom' in 'Catch Her If You Can./ Hair by Didier Malige; makeup by Fulvia Farolfi

Surprise, surprise, writer Tim Teeman reveals in his interview with Chastian, the actor takes the Hampton Jitney to the Hamptons. 

"This is quite the caper," Chastain marvels, as she and Teeman speed around Manhattan with her assistant picking up weekend essentials. "One might have assumed that a famous Hollywood actress—she received Oscar nominations for her roles in The Help and Zero Dark Thirty and is in the midst of launching a major campaign for a new Ralph Lauren fragrance—would prefer a more private mode of transport to the Hamptons."

Chastain, who wore her pink pussy hat to the Women's March in DC in January, married  Italian count and fashion exec Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo at his family’s Treviso estate this past summer.

Plus, the cloak-and-dagger feel to our chaotic afternoon echoes, if unintentionally, her latest big project, the film 'Molly’s Game'. Aaron Sorkin’s movie-directing debut tells the story of former champion skier Molly Bloom, who came to run high-class, high-stakes poker games in Hollywood and New York at which the players included Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, and Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as art world scion Helly Nahmad (who would later be jailed for his part in the illegal ring).