Oprah & Ralph Lauren at Lincoln Center | Treasure & Bond in Soho Supports NYC Charities


Oprah and Ralph

Ralph Lauren, Oprah Winfey Headed to Lincoln Center Stage WWD

Ralph Lauren with Oprah Winfrey at the 2007 CFDA Fashion Awards.Photo By Rabbani and Solimene PhotographyOn Oct. 24, Ralph Lauren and Oprah Winfrey will reunite onstage at Lincoln Center for a gala invitation-only event to benefit both The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Winfrey will serve as the host and lead the conversation around the designer, his life and career, much as she does in her interview for ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ special on Ralph Lauren.

Fighting cancer has been a key cause for Lauren for more than two decades. He contributed to the establishment of the Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research at Georgetown University Medical Center, designed the first logo for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and created the Pink Pony Campaign in 2000. He created the Cancer Center in Harlem in 2003.

Smart Sensuality Philanthropy

Nordstrom Opening Store for Charity in SoHo WWD

Treasure & Bond, a rather British sounding brand owned by Nordstrom, will open in Soho on Friday. While 100 percent of the store’s profits will go to charity, Nordstrom hopes to gain insights into the Manhattan marketplace, where it hopes to open a Norstrom flagship in the near future.

Treasure & Bond will donate to eight New York City-based charities that serve children per year, two each quarter. Marron and Wintour helped select the first round, which includes The New York Public Library programs for children and young adults and the Achievement Gap Project, Children’s Health Fund and Coalition for the Homeless: Camp Homeward Bound Sleep-Away Camp and After School Services. Next year, customers will be invited to suggest and vote on charities.

Treasure & Bond is very much a Smart Sensuality concept, based on the idea that Nordstrom takes such a visible position of opening a store(s) in which ALL the profits go to local charity. This decision is made on a certain amount of trust in their customers. Yes, Nordstrom will obtain market intelligence about what sells to Smart Sensuality people, but there is also a core assumption that the halo effect will move to the Nordstrom brand itself.

When a Smart Sensuality woman is making a decision about where to shop, deciding among Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus (not in Manhattan but strong in Westchester, New Jersey and Connecticut) she will reward Nordstrom with her credit card, based on her knowledge of their activities at Treasure & Bond.  A company’s philanthropic activities become part of a woman’s retail destination decision for Smart Sensuality people.

Read after Treasure & Bond photo below about the already established Merci store in Paris, created to support the people of Madagascar.

Fashion Meets Philanthropy in Paris

Merci Store in Paris Makes Profits for Madagascar AOC Style