Vogue Italia Declares 'No Body Is Perfect' | Old Ladies Rebellion Update

This month’s Vogue Italia reminds us that there’s no such thing as a perfect body. How true! Lily Donaldson is lensed by Corrine Day and styled by Karl Plewka for the November 2010 issue.via Fashion Copious

Whenever I see images like these, I think of the Dove 2007 Global Study on Beauty. (See Aging American Women Should Move to France.)

Dove (Campaign for Ideal Beauty) asked the question ‘what is the age of ideal beauty’? By country responses to the answer ‘twenties’ were:

USA 48%; GBR 41%; FRA 11%; ITA 16%; BRA 18%.

Conversely, by country responses to the answer ‘forties” were:

USA 12%; GBR 22%; FRA 39%; ITA 38%; BRA31%.

Look at the differences between the American women and French, Italian an Brazilian women in their answers about the age of ideal beauty.

We can blame America’s youth-obsessed culture for these differences in self-perception or we can blame ourselves as women, for allowing ourselves to buy into it.

Because Anne of Carversville has such an international audience: 40 percent American, but 4-5 percent from England, France, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Italy, Germany, Poland and of course, our 10 percent showing in India, four percent in the Philippines and an unusually strong showing in the Middle East and North Africa, we will focus on the international differences in our attitudes on aging, body image and beauty in 2011.

It has long been my contention that American women have a lot to learn from women in other countries where self-image perceptions are stronger and overall health, including weight control, is less of a problem. We will highlight many of those topics in 2011.

Today, I just want to say ‘hi’ and share the beautiful Lily Donaldson photos, imaged in a perfect mood by Corrine Day. AOC embraces the message that When you believe you don’t peak until 45, a woman treats herself with a lot more respect and self love.

Helping all women — but especially the American women who seem to have the most negative self-perceptions among the major developed countries — embrace our physicality positively is a key goal in 2011.

At the end of these Lily Donaldson images is a preview of 2011, model Alex B who is more than a ‘woman of a certain age’.

Alex B , who is 51 and modeling today in London, and many more older women will be showing us how they embrace their physicality and beauty at every age. Stay tuned for what will be an exciting editorial content experience in 2011. xoxo Anne

I think we need to shake things up a bit in the next decade. Call it the Old Ladies Rebellion!

Just as a young British designer Fanny Karst inspired the concept of ‘The Old Ladies Rebellion’, this mini movement I hope to launch brings young women and older women together. (See The ‘Old Ladies Rebellion’: Coming Soon, and It’s More than a Designer Label.)

Elisabeth Jakobsen lenses Alex B

For more about (the young) Norwegian photographer Elisabeth Jakobsen, see website.

Here are two images of Alex B, as a preview of what’s coming at Anne of Carversville. We seek young women and older ones, rowing together in a messed-up world, towards a more positive celebration of life, passion and sensuality.

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