Unmade Beds | Pristine Pillows: Which Woman Are You?

I enjoy reading London media and especially an article titled ‘Why Meryl Streep is like an ‘unmade bed’ in today’s London Times.

Sharon Stone (right) likens Meryl Streep (left) to ‘an unmade bed’Sharon Stone described megastar Meryl Streep, 60, as looking ‘like an unmade bed’, although Stone says that her words were taken out of context. Back to the Telegraph UK, who started the online furor.

Stone said that the reason Streep is working so much is because she’s a woman we all can relate to. Speaking from ‘every woman’s’ point of view:

“I look at her and I think, ‘I’m chasing my kids, I’ve moved my parents in with me, I’m coping with food spills - that looks like me in real life’.

“Meryl looks like an unmade bed, and that’s what I look like. To me, that looks true.” via Telegraph UK

Stone, 51, then reaffirms she’s has no Botox, no injectables, works hard on her diet and not too thin body she flashed on Paris Match on her 50th birthday.

Back to London, where Shane Watson makes me smile, likening the discussion of Stone and Streep to Unmade Beds versus the Pristine Pillows — metaphors for two different types of women with two very different styles.

Leader of the Unmade Beds, Meryl Streep is a 60 year-old woman who stars in a film where she has sex, turns down plastic surgery, eats carbs when she wants, ‘knocks back the booze’, wears her hair messy and generally defiles all the rules of being a successful modern woman — and remains a Smart Sensuality woman.

Steep seems a bit out of control, and yet she’s on top of her game: talent, sexuality, intellect, pleasure. Meryl Streep looks like a woman who enjoys pleasure.

Now I’m smiling. Unmade Beds are the minority of women but they are luscious. Think Helen Mirren, Stella McCartney, Ivana Trump and UK|Aussie woman Dannii Minogue. I don’t buy Victoria Beckham at all on the list, so she’s off our version of Unmade Bed women list.

Unmade Beds have hairdryers, but rarely get around to using them. They sleep with their make-up on. They drink red wine. They eat cake. They get dirty when they go for a walk. (I once interviewed Stella and the soles of her bare feet were green from walking across the park.) They like dogs. They like clothes. They like sex. And sometimes they don’t make the bed, especially at weekends. They would never have hair extensions or nail extensions or any bodily extensions, or refuse a ride in an open-top car because they were worried about twister hair. And they are still carrying handbags, crammed full of stuff, that weigh the equivalent of a small toddler. via London Times

The Pristine Pillow women are dying to conform to fashion’s latest version of womanhood. The millions of men who say that women treat sex like a reward for good behavior are talking about Pristine Pillow women, who often would rather eat chocolate than have sex.

Alexa Chung is the new muse at J Crew’s MadewellAlexa Chung’s appointment to J Crew’s Madewell brand suggests that she’s an Unmade Bed.Fashion If not, she can certainly grow into one. It’s tough putting Meryl Streep into a fashion camp, unless it’s run by Donna Karan.

A few visuals can send trend news dangerously astray. Not having a photo of Meryl Streep in her lingerie, I will turn to another Unmade Bed Ivana Trump, contrasting her with Sharon Stone.

Earlier this week, the Daily Mail UK wrote Ivana Trumps Nicola T by stripping off in a life drawing task. The recently divorced Ivana Trump is appearing on UK’s Big Brother show.

I’ve bobbed around on Ivana’s photos all week, looking for the right context for posting them.

Yesterday I said to myself, ‘Anne, she’s got guts, and for that she gets five-stars.’ If I’m about body love, then we all have something to learn — not only from the Pristine Pillow Sharon Stone but also Unmade Bed Ivana Trump.

Ivana Trump and Nicola model in Big Brother drawing class.Back to UK’s Big Brother, where the girls posed for an art class exercise. via Daily Mail

Ivana Trump and Nicola model in Big Brother drawing class.In 2009 Sharon Stone posed topless on the cover of Paris Match. Her body is an inspiration to us all. We all know that airbrushing is at work here, but even impromptu phone photos of Stone have her looking terrific.

FYI, I have no business suggesting that Stone’s sex life isn’t blazing. She could be a hybrid Unmade Bed | Pristine Pillow. She is a highly-disciplined perfectionist.

Older European women are light years ahead of Americans in wearing bikinis at any age. After surveying a range of photos, it seems fair to say that Ivana doesn’t look like Dame Helen Mirren in a bathing suit.

But kudos to Ivana Trump for having the guts to be her real-deal self in front of millions of people — she’s gone viral — so a billion, holding her blond head high. I would die but Ivana is probably working on husband #5.

It’s clear that Unmade Beds like Meryl Streep aren’t going quietly into the night, whatever their age.

From my perspective, I’m focused on harnessing all that bedhead energy for the benefit of bedrooms and humankind both. Surely their bare feet transgressions send a message of vitality and dolce vita. And responsible pleasure, mixed with activism for the world’s women, is what this website is all about. Anne

Ivana Trump poses on UK’s Celebrity Big Brother