Thin and Curvy: Photos from Jan. 2010 V Magazine

I LOVE Crystal Renn. And we didn’t need Terry Richardson to take these “ordinary” photos, but who cares.

If this is the editorial approach that V Magazine is using in their Jan. 2010 focus on women of every size, god bless them!

Jan 2010 V MagazineJacquelyn Jablonsky and Crystal Renn get together in the same outfit. Jablonski, is 17 and supposedly the aspirational model girl, according to the fashion industry.

Renn is the size 12 US, wearing the same tribal outfit.

I want women readers to stare at both photos, long and hard.

Yes, there is a difference, and it’s the one I’ve been saying all along. Different women will relate to both — which is the whole point of the exercise.

Being a highly sensual woman myself — devoting a website to getting women to understand the relationships between sexuality, sensuality, and self-esteem —  I refuse to say that Crystal Renn is fat, ugly and should be kept in the back room until further notice.

Let fashion editors and Karl Lagerfeld say “basta” to the woman on the right. I LOVE Crystal Renn in these photos. Renn looks far sexier than Jablonski and she is POWERFUL, strong.

Renn is a woman to be dealt with, which is why many people want women as thin as possible. The smaller the woman, the harder she fights to be taken seriously.

Mind you, there are plenty of slim, very sexy size 4 or smaller women … Lara Stone, for example.

Well done, V Mag! This setup makes the point very simply and gives women a lot to think about. Bravo!Remember to program your RAS system ladies: The curvy woman is beautiful; the curvy woman is beautiful … you get the drill. Anne

Photos at Daily Mail UK. Followup note. I’ve had an opportunity to read Jezebel’s negative review of this approach to showing the clothes. I admit that I still don’t see the layout as a “competition” between women. I’ve consulted extensively at Lane Bryant and my observations of women in focus groups is that they love to be one of the girls, wearing the same clothes. 

The curvy  girl/woman has nothing to feel badly about in these photos. Many comments I’ve read around the Internet and on J find the larger model very attractive. More Terry Richardson photos from the shoot: