The 'Old Ladies Rebellion': Coming Soon, and It's More than a Designer Label

‘Old Ladies Rebellion’ brand profile at Anne of Carversville.comAnne here, resorting to that rare moment of celeb indulgence. I’m not advocating your voting, but I thought you might enjoy this roster of ‘social security worthy’ babes over at Huffington Post.

Trust me, 60 is the next big beauty focus. The road will not be a smooth ride. Many editors are ‘picking away’ at women who don’t grow old ‘gracefully’, whatever that is. 

The top three ladies in voting currently over at Huff Po are:

Helen Mirrin - 64

Helen Mirrin at 64

Susan Sarandon - 62

Susn Sarandon, 62Diahann Carroll - 74

Diahann Carroll, 74Just posting these photos makes me smile, thinking about the clothing brand ‘Old Ladies Rebellion’.

Depending on what’s going on in cyberspace, we get good traffic from a post I wrote a few months back on the British label ‘Old Ladies Rebellion’.

I simply love the name ‘Old Ladies Rebellion’ and the fact that the clothing label is designed by a mid-twenties woman Fanny Karst. (Go to ‘Old Ladies Rebellion’ website.) The collaboration between older women and young ones, grand-daughter age, fascinates me.

Woodstock meets ???. I don’t know, maybe the Obama generation.

Loving/Hating the Old Ladies Rebels

There’s no doubt in my mind, that Madonna’s leading the charge of the ‘Old Ladies Rebellion’. It intrigues me how women are very ambivalent about Madonna. (Note: if the Daily Mail photos from yesterday are for real, then even I’m a bit concerned about Madge’s exercise routine. The arms below I love and try to work on for myself.)

Madonna & Justin TimberlakeThis week’s NYMag features an article on Madonna by Emily Nussbaum called Justify My Love. The obvious question is “Why?”

I undersand why we’re all more comfortable with the three Huff Po ladies Mirren, Sarandon and Carroll. They look fabulous but still encompass a real-world lifestyle that most women can relate to.

We assume that all these fab Huff Po women are still on their life journey, but Madonna is in uber-speed, with a relentless focus and attitude that simply does not stop. 

Madonna does create ambivalence among older fans who no longer see her as the Smart Sensuality woman who takes the genies out of their own bottles.

A growing number of Madonna fans wish she would act her (or their) age … whatever that means. Presumably, she should be more like them.

Madonna’s exercise routine is not for the feint-hearted. Adopting black babies from Africa is anathema for most women over 50 anywhere in the world.

You’re OK, and I’m OK, Too

One of the great attributes about getting older is not worrying about approval. If your life and struggles have been about anything, it’s about being yourself.

Not Madonna, not the Huff Po ladies, and definitely not women gearing up for the coming ‘Old Ladies Rebellion’ care one ripe banana about ‘justifying their love’ to Emily Nussbaum or anyone else.

In the majority of cases, members of the Old Ladies Rebellion have learned to love themselves.

Old Ladies Rebellion fashion websiteThe day a woman loves that person in the mirror, watch out world. There’s a lot of work to do out there in our big, bad world. Worrying about whether or not people like or approve of you, becomes the LAST thing in a woman’s mind. Time is flying.

The people you want to love you have already signed-on. give you a quiet nod of never-seen approval, or are just waiting to get their hands on a woman like you. Hmmm, espeically younger men.

The rest are trying to make you something or someone that you’re not.

So rock on Madonna and Old Ladies Rebellion. Does this not sound like a hip new garage band of some kind? I would say another ‘movement’, but we’ve had quite a lot of those already, and look how screwed up the world remains. Love, Anne

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