The Ever Shrinking Eva Herzigova | 1992 Vogue UK | Cannes 2010

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What’s hotter than Hades is all the talk about size 0 women rearing its head with Crystal Renn accusing her fans of making her miserable as she loses weight again and Diet Pepsi introducing their new Skinny can for “beautiful, confident women.”

Fitness magazine just ran a survey of their readers, with half saying they would give up a year of sex to be skinny.

Constantly acknowledging America’s obesity problem, I do believe that that fashion replaced female sexuality as a priority in women’s lives, thanks to ‘Sex and the City’ and a patriarchal need to control uppidity American women.

I constantly write that the 1990s Supermodels — Smart Sensuality women —  were too hot to handle. Whenever possible, I like to contrast the 1990s fashion beauty body type with the current one.

This Eva Herzigova 1992 Vogue UK editorial by Eric Boman gives us Eva then. Above is a live shot of Eva in Cannes, June 2010.

In March 2009, I surveyed America’s obsession with Michelle Obama’s strong, toned arms as a positive beauty statement. In the same article, I referenced the NYTimes article introducing the new beauty zone — the clavicle.

As Eva is shown above, the clavicle must be devoid of any fat, proof that a woman has self discipline.

In the 1992 Eric Boman images, not only is Eva eating sugared cotton candy but her clavicle isn’t bone, tondon and muscle. She is allowed to have a bit of flesh and fat, making her far more attractive in my view. Anne


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