Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Lensed by Sasha Samsonova for PLAYBOY 'The Pleasure Issue'

Recently crowned by Forbes as the youngest self-made billionaire — taking the crown from Mark Zuckerberg — Kylie Jenner smolders in ‘Wild in Love’: Kylie by Travis for the new issue of PLAYBOY Magazine. Photographer Sasha Samsonova is behind the lens for ‘The Pleasure Issue’ Fall 2019.

Travis Scott comes through this interview every bit as cool as Kylie. A major talent in his own right, Scott plays second fiddle to his woman — except the result is a well-balanced duet. I’m not sure Scott wants to be perceived as charming (such an old-school word) but he is just that, checking his own ego at the front door and getting down to the business of dishing on Kylie. (Update 10/7/2019. Scratch that!! Breakup!)

Let’s hope this sexy couple and Stormi’s parents make sweet music for years to come.