'Super Bitch' Joan Collins | Catch Her If You Can

Joan Collins models for jeweler Alexis BittarThere’s no disagreement that Joan Collins looks made up for the occasion, but her photos for jeweler Alexis Bittar make 76-year-old Collins the latest face in the Old Ladies Rebelliion.

Bittar had the idea for the campaign after hearing that he was Collins’ favorite costume jeweler. The new collection was designed with her Dynasty character in mind—and then Bittar invited Collins to star in his spring campaign.

Her response? ” Ooh! ‘Alexis for Alexis’… how brilliant! Count me in.”The campaign is called “superbitch”.

Joan Collins is in New York, and not only to model in Fashion Week’s ‘The Red Dress Collection’ benefit for heart disease.

Joan’s making a movie called “Fetish,” called a stylish little noir film, written by Charles Casillo, her co-star, and directed by Matthew Pellowski. Matthew Sweet writes that recessions always lead to a resurgence in film noir, and Collins is perfect for the role.

The story revolves around an iconic actress on the skids, making a play for a comeback with a late night talk show host. Collins says she’s still into taking risks, recognizing that ‘the wave of the future is entrusting your career outside of the studio system with maverick filmmakers and accepting great roles where you can find them.’

Joan Collins modeling for Heart Truth’s Red Dress Fall 2010 showAs for the secret of what keeps Joan Collins so young, it could be her 44 year-old husband and also her attitude about aging. Joan’s view is: “In front of the camera my skin probably isn’t nearly as good as it used to be. But what the hell, everybody’s got to get older.”

From the unairbrushed photo of Collins at 75, it seems that Percy Gibson has every right to remain infactuated with his dynamic, ‘superbitch’ wife.

Joan Collins at 75, is the Queen of CougarsWhat’s that book from a couple years back, the one written for all the sweet young things who have a tough time with men? Ah yes, ‘He’s Just Not Into You’. That doesn’t seem to be a problem Joan Collins experiences in daily life.

Joan Collins and Percy Gibson in St. Tropez, summer 2009Nothing like a little inspiration for women growing older in an American culture that says women are washed up at 25. Once again, it’s Europe that holds hope for us. Anne

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