Stephanie Seymour | Mario Testino | Vanity Fair 2009 | Ace to Connecticut

Supermodel Stephanie Seymour on Flamands Beach in St. Barts. She plays with her daughter Lilly in Dec. 2008Note| Nudity It takes guts to hold your 41-year-old MILF-head high, posing stark naked, when your former prince media tycoon of a husband is suing for sole custody of your three fairytale children and asking the court why you must pay retail for designer duds.

When the chips are down and you’re sworn to not opening your voluptuous mouth, not one public word from either you or Peter Brant Supermodel is allowed,  … well then creative revenge is in order. (Nudity next)

Stephanie Seymour for Vanity Fair Dec 2009

I have no idea whether Stephanie Seymour’s provocative poses in the December issue of Vanity Fair Magazine will help her good mother argument or not with the court.

Media neutrality is necessary in this “War of the Roses” divorce case, especially with Brant owning Interview magazine. My sense of the landscape is that Seymour has collected more than admiring glances for her empowering women gesture.

There’s a bit of “don’t cry for me, Argentina” in the gesture.

As a few courageous voices noted — her body is one thing her husband can’t take away from her. And a gorgeous body it still is. Carry on, Stephanie. Anne

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Brandt and Seymour at the Spring 2009 runway shows