Smart Sensuality Superyoung Women Have Muscle Lust

I’ve spent more hours in front of the mirror, trying to both make peace with my body and also craft it into one of my choosing, than I ever want to admit. Narcissism is a common charge against women, and I struggle to justify even worrying about how one woman — me — looks to the world.

But the real question is “how do I look to myself”.

Launching the online publishing of my 2005 Smart Sensuality Superyoung manuscript, which involves writing a lot more about myself again, requires me to take a responsible voice on women’s body image.

From my viewpoint, we have the answer in the 80s supermodels, the ones I worked with at Victoria’s Secret. Posting these photos of Josefine Ekman Nilsson, from Costume Norway July 2010, over at Sensuality News this morning, prompts me to say that this is the fashion body image I favor most — and for myself, too.

Curves, sensuality, exercise and radiant health is my mantra for staying Smart Sensuality Superyoung. Josefine Ekman Nilsson delivers this message in a controlled muscle-lust fashion editorial that sizzles .