Size 18 (US 14) British Women Increase 45% in Five Years

Percentage of Adult Population in England with BMI over 30, by age group 1999, 2003, 2008.

Today’s Daily Mail joins the plus-size clothing discussion on behalf of British women. Nearly 40 percent of the adult female populations now wears size 16 and over (NOTE: in American sizing that’s size 12 and over)

A quarter of women now wear size 18 (American size 14), representing a 45% increased in just five years.

The 2009 Mintel chart above is educational, not only in highlighting the dramatic rise of size and weight among British women, but in demonstrating clearly the increases across age groups. Aging populations are often given as the reason for a rise in obesity, but every age group is increasing in size, although the dramatic increases are most pronounced after age 35.

Presumably the obesity drop off after age 74 reflects the reality the overweight people have shorter life span.

This chart mirrors a similar situation in the US, but not in France or Italy. Anne’s Sensual and Superyoung online narrative explores the reasons why women are disproportionately obese in America and some other countries.

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