Shiny Suds Terrorizes American Women

Our good friend Dave Geoffrey Head, who has as elevated a consciousness about women as I’ve encountered in the last 12 months and who keeps me informed and engaged on saving dolphins, whales and women’s issues, too, sent me this Shiny Suds banned ad, featured on Ecorazzi. 

I have this massive concern about the level of political correctness in America, and I’m beginning to feel surrounded by soup Nazis and body politics Nazis, too.

Let me come clean about the Shiny Suds commercial:

I put my feminist credentials right up against any other woman’s and hopefully demonstrate them in my writing.

My Tattered Past

1) A crazy maniac caused me to be under police protection for a year. He stalked me, sent me dead, bloody, sacrificed animals and rope to hang myself, because he didn’t like what I said on a single TV appearance. Finally he spew himself, wearing a mask, across my windshield, when I left a parking lot late at night.

I understand fear.

2) Crazy, aggressive, fringe-thinking people scare me, as do religous zealots. I also fear talk show pundits. mobsters and select rappers who try to become rabble rousers by shouting loudly and trying to make ordinary people seize their guns or the closest woman.

3) Our family’s best friend attacked me sexually and very seriously when I was 15.

I say this to be clear that I ‘get it’ when it comes to sexual aggressive toxic bubbles.

When I read the writeup on these little cleaning madmen, I thought they were chasing women out of the bathroom, ganging up on her body as she lay writhering on the floor, crawling all over her naked flesh and goodness knows what else. All I could imagine was Alfred Hitchock ‘Psycho’.

‘Yes,’ I screamed. ‘These Shiny Suds people must be stopped. Let me at them!”

Bottom Line for Shiny Suds

This is the commercial that has terrorized the women of America. If you smile, don’t feel guilty. So did I.

Are we sure that the real issue is aggressive soapsuds?

After all, the woman is naked — as is the case with much of modern fashion media from Europe and the indy press but not our mainstream press, who wouldn’t even print the photo of that guy swimmer’s torn backside, at some sporting even in Italy.

Let me get this straight? We’re sending off tens of thousands of American men and women to fight in Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of the world, and some women are afraid of this Siny Suds commercial?

Or we think the Shiny Suds will prompt aggressive behavior among men towards women or … what?


Call me clueless, except that the ad features a naked woman, which remains pretty adventurous for American advertising. I don’t buy that aggressive bubbles are the problem. Dig deeper, ladies.

We live in pathetic times in America.

The US Supreme Court just overturned campaign finance reform today, saying that any amount of money can be spent in to buy elections in this country. But Shiny Suds hits the dirt for being too aggressive.

We have two amazing examples of freedom at play — and what at least some American women consider ‘protection’.

To the best of my knowledge, Shiny Sunds will not be prosecuted. If so, let me know and I’ll start s Shiny Suds Defense Fund. Anne