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S-Drivers and the Superyoung

The June 2010 Emily DoDonato photos in Elle France, shot by Ricardo Tinelli, create the perfect moment for me to tell you about our new literary trip to the south of France, making our way up to Portofino and the land of “la dolce vita”.

Key words and new content are buzzing at Anne of Carversville.  I’m writing about S-Drivers: Sexuality, Sensuality, Smarts, Sensitivity, Spirituality, and Self. 

The book — don’t we all have one inside us — is being uploaded into the #7 S-Driver spot: Superyoung. We have a title: Sensual and Superyoung. It’s everything that I stand for and have evolved to in the last decade. 

The background of the original 80,000 word manuscript — focused on the health benefits of sex, exercise and being Superyoung — is explained in “Sensual and Superyoung | Anne’s Sexual Aging and Vitality Book

Now the scientific story of the health benefits of sexuality and aging with vitality will be updated and told with the benefits of three years of intense Internet writing on Anne of Carversville and Sensuality News. 

There is no better place to go for a discussion on vitality, sensuality and aging than the French and Italian Rivieras. To be frank, we must get out of America.  

Like Emily DoDonato in French Elle, I’ve spent years of my life roaming the streets of St. Tropez, sitting in my own people-watching chair at this very cafe. 

I learned invaluable lessons about life, love, and sensuality from my years in France and Italy. Endless hours of aimless roaming, people-watching and experience living have set me straight about how to live a good life. Best of all, my years in Europe helped me to reconcile my sensuality with the pervasive influence of America’s religious morality communicating bad girl messages to me at every turn. 

Americas culture tells women that we’re washed up at 30. I say “basta”! American women themselves told Dove’s Global Beauty study that we peak at 28.

Thankfully, I faced the challenges of aging in the company of French and Italian women, who answer the same Dove question about peak age as 35-45, with more than 50% saying 45. 

As Aging Women, Let’s Go to Europe

European men of every age agree that women should not fear aging. And so I was blessed to anchor my sense of identity in Europe, not America.

Of course I spent a lot of time in the US, but my soul was always in Europe, where aging is natural and sensuality is a key element of being a female oozing with vitality.

A compliment that I treasure was always being told that I was more European than American. Of course, my friends in South Korea made the same statement — that I was one of them. Perhaps relating to all people is one of my gifts! 

The truth is, my life was divinely delicious in Europe. On some critical details, my lips are sealed, but most of my learnings will be revealed in “Sensual and Superyoung”. 

Please join our trip to the Mediterranean, where “joie de vivre” and “la dolce vita” are critical factors in creating a sensual, healthy, and sexy new you.

My wit and nervy words will escalate, because we have a lot of work to do in America and it’s time to take off the kid gloves. Political correctness oozes from American media, and it’s killing us, when the subject is eating and a healthy sensuality.

We have a creative, entertaining cast of characters for our journey. With all the tough talk, it’s important that we keep smiling in our misery. Only joy will get us to “la dolce vita”. 

International Sensual Wisdom

America leads the world in many ways, but we are losers in living a sensually healthy, vitality-nourishing life. Let’s fix that problem. 

With 35% of our readers living outside of America, I hope that you will share the sensual learnings and challenges of your own cultures. Our goal is to start an international discussion around the meaning of sensuality.

We all have important stories to tell, and I will share mine in quite a lot of detail. There is a dark side to my life. Where the details become universal and relevant to issues confronted by so many of us every day, I will share the details and always with reservation.

My story is not a tearjerker, an American habit that doesn’t win us much respect in the world. It’s a victory lap. 

Luckily, I never drowned in my tears, but winning the game of self-love took too many decades for any one person. If my learnings about becoming Sensual and Superyoung help you short-circuit the process to self-love, I say “let’s do it together”!

New Website Organization

The Group Sensuality websites are coherent for the first time since their inception. Our last moves are completed this weekend, and now we’re tagging like crazy.

All sexuality articles from any website of mine are housed in Sensual and Superyoung.  

The book, my new Sensual Vitality blog, and key articles on the science and eroticism of sexuality have moved to this new channel. Sexy food articles and also the science of food and diet are all pulled together. We’re even adding very select recipes with sexuality-enhancing foods. 

To get us going, how about some wandering around? I know that especially American woman are very goal oriented and usually in execution mode. Slow down, my darlings. We’re not doing so well in our rushing about.

Sensual and Superyoung

In our new lineup you will find me — Anne —  in third person:

Sensual Health | scientific articles about sexuality, sensual aging, and even Martha Stewart’s food fantasies 

Sensual Vitality Blog | quickies that track Anne’s view of new research and cultural news about sensuality

Sensual and Superyoung | the book, a work in process

Love Food | sometimes called aphrodisiacs, we’re building a scientific list of the key sensual wellness benefits of eating nature’s bounty and avoiding fast food on every street corner

Love Food Recipes | Only healthy, sensually-nourishing, libido-enhancing recipes from the world’s best chefs and kitchen-bloggers. 

Bad News Food |  confronting food facts is another key part of our food science approach to vitality, sensual wellness and being Superyoung.  No political correctness allowed. This is science.

Anne’s Original Journal | She’s back!!! Now scattered throughout the pages of Anne of Carversville, we’ve pulled Anne’s soul and psyche back together, when the topic is her own road to self-actualization.

Readers have asked for Anne to be put back together in one piece. We responded with promises that she will fill in more life blanks going forward. 

Sensual and Superyoung Anthem | “Get The Party Started”

It’s a bit premature to say that Smart Sensuality women are a movement, but as Shirley Bassey says “we’ve coming up fast.”

When psyching myself up for a challenge — especially one with food and exercise, I tune in to Dame Shirley Bassey on my iPod.

Dame Bassey’s “Get the Party Started” motivates me to get in gear with the determination to “just to it”. Often we must get out of our own way in life, and Bassey shows us how. 

In honor of a most talented Dame Shirley Bassey, born Jan. 9, 1937 in Cardiff, Wales and a consummate Sensual and Superyoung woman, let’s get the party started.

Ladies (and guys, too) please start your (hybrid, green) engines.

We’re busting out of America and leaving for the Mediterranean in search of sensuality, vitality, and another view of what it means to lead a healthy, good life. With any luck, we may even take a side trip to Morocco. Anne