Photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Delivers 10 Supermodel Beauties Over 50

Beverly Johnson, Portrait by (c)Timothy Greenfield-SandersThere’s no doubt in my mind that looking at always retouched faces distorts our vision of what even truly beautiful women look like.

Forget the challenges of aging faces. When 50-year-old women have not one wrinkle in a L’Oreal photo — or any other beauty product for agins skin — it begins to affect feelings about the face that almost every woman sees in her own mirror.

Despite our best efforts, we look like hell, day after day. Even when attractive women, we stare at the mirror, knowing that we just don’t measure up. American women believe in perfectionism much more than

Even before the Ralph Lauren Photoshop debacle, a few magazines and models dared to go bare, without makeup or without Photoshopped images.

Now a photography show at the Steven Kasher Gallery in New York gives a realistic, inspiring look at good-looking, aging women.

Photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders delivers 11 x 14” Ilfochrome limited edition prints of Christie Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson, Carol Alt, Dayle Haddon, Esme, Karen Bjornson, Kim Alexis, Lisa Taylor and Nancy Donahue.

Carol Alt, Portrait by (c)Timothy Greenfield-SandersTimothy Greenfield-Sanders chose ‘no retouching’ for his presentation of 10 ‘Supermodels of the 70’s and 80’s’ at New York’s Steven Kasher Gallery. The women were photographed with a single source soft box, with no under-fill, no bounce cards, no hair-lights.

Bottom line, the women were photographed in generally unflattering lights. The results are beautiful but more importantly, they are real. Thank you, ladies and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, too.

Karen Bjornson, Portrait by (c)Timothy Greenfield-Sanders