NoirFacade Agnete Hegelund Interview | Substance vs Snippets

Most model interviews are brain-empty and 25 words or less. NoirFacade interviews Danish model Agnete Hegelund with questions that resonate. No deep questions about female sensuality and fashion, but that’s our AOC beat.

It’s my hope that as Anne of Carversville becomes known as ‘la femme provocateur’, with photographers especially loving my willingness ‘to write deep stuff’, that our success in generating traffic based on substance not snippets, and a willingness to not be politically correct will inspire others to take the risk of being original in their ideas and not just racing to post the same gin mill material every day. Let’s add a twist on occasion, and NoirFacade does with this seriously good and hardly controversial intrview of Agnete Hegelund.

Especially in America, fashion never offends, when fashion is one of the most dominant influences in women’s lives — like it or not. That’s the reality check, and one European women appreciate.

We’re also supporting NoirFade in their model interview because model Agnete Hegelund is Danish.

AOC embraces all things Scandinavian (and most things French) — not only because I am Swedish and Danish — but because these countries continually score high on happiness and wellbeing indexes. In Scandinavia, she who has the most Manolo Blahnik shoes in her closet doesn’t win the ‘Sex and the City’ happy-girl game. Truthfully, Scandinavian values go deeper.

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