New Photoshop Topic: Demi Moore's Hip Reduction

I thought this topic had died, but W’s botched cover of Demi Moore’s hip has launched a re-entry into last month’s Ralph Lauren disaster.

The W cover is just incompetence, as far as I’m concerned — look at the hips — and also a disconnect from any sense that imagery should look like the actual woman.

I found the Kevin West’s W interview with Demi to verge on patronizing.

The Ralph Lauren ads go deeply into what I believe is a serious problem for women, one that goes far beyond Photoshop manipulation.

In the last month I’ve reflected on a lot of data about American women in particular, and where we stand against international women on many issues that fall under the gender relations/feminism umbrella.

At the end of the day, American women aren’t nearly as liberated as European women and are significantly more insecure about our looks and body image.

I’m working now to reactivate this hot topic blog, updating it when there’s news — like an interest in the W magazine cover with Demi Moore —  or I have something to say. Anne