Makeup Free, Smart Sensuality Beauty

Kristen McMenamy, 44 year-old mother of four. via Harper’s Bazaar, Sept. 2009Supernatural: Supermodels Without Makeup | Peter Lindberg | Harper’s Bazaar Sept 2009

There’s a trend emerging, especially around the authentic values of Smart Sensuality women, that says I am beautiful as I am. The point is not to forsake makeup and enhancing our image, but to also claim our authentic, natural beauty in an advertising and media world gone Photoshop crazy.

Even the world’s most beautiful women, become caricatures of themselves, in the hands of an art director or plastic surgeon.

When I had my first botox and “filler” treatment on my face, I asked my doctor to stop saying “perfect”, when she finished.

“Leslie,” I said, ” this is dangerous psychological territory for me. I understand you’re proud of your good work, but what happens the day I can’t afford botox. I’m an aging woman and I’m not pursuing perfection here.”

“Am I ‘imperfect’ the day I can’t afford you?”

Cindy Crawford, 43, protects hers, as well as her complexion with Meaningful Beauty, the skin-care line she created with Jean-Louis Sebagh, a Paris-based cosmetic doctor. via Harper’s Bazaar, Sept. 2009Suffering at the hands of the economy, right along with everyone else, I could not justify spending so much money on anti-aging treatments. About 18 months ago, I decided to face the woman in the mirror again — cold turkey.

Full Frontal Self

For any number of reasons, the reality check wasn’t bad at all.

Not only have I survived as the treatments wore off; I’ve thrived. I should also thank my paternal grandmother for her fabulous skin and DNA genes. I am blessed in the aging woman department.

“I think women look best when they’re natural,” says German model, Nadia Auermann, 38. “With makeup, I always find it’s better to concentrate on one part, like your eyes or lips.” via Harper’s Bazaar, Sept. 2009 These supermodels in Harper’s Bazaar, September 2009, wear no makeup, reflecting a move in women’s media to explore unvarnished, Smart Sensuality beauty. I assume no Photoshop, if no makeup.

The Smart Sensuality trend towards unvarnished beauty, focuses on our authentic essence as sensual, caring, intelligent women.

Makeup, fillers, clothes, lotions, potions and all the rest are just props in our attempts to lead honorable, productive, beautiful and globally relevant, caring lives.

Let’s hope we see more of this editorial theme in fashion magazines. Getting naked suddenly takes on an entirely different dimension. Anne

Amber Valetta wears sunscreen every day, even if it’s cloudy. Shalom Harlow loves putting yoghurt and egg whites on her face, saying it’s so moisturing and soothing.

In a world where our differences determine our beauty routines, Claudia Schiffer rejects even eating daity. For her, fresh carrot or apple juice and water with lemon and given given her ‘the look’ she loves. Helena Christensen swears by ‘Nude Miracle Mask’Tatjana Patitz says she believes in aging gracefully.