London Fog Hates the Real Christina Hendricks Hourglass Body

If only London Fog loved Christina Hendricks hips as much as the rest of America.

First Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks was whittled down to fashion-appropriate size as a Barbie doll. Now she has ‘met the Photoshop wand death’ in her new campaign for London Fog.

Christina Hendricks isn’t allowed to inspire us in full. That famous hourglass shape figure — which doctor’s recommend as the healthiest body shape for women — has got to go. Hendricks has hips, damn it. And hips do not belong on a woman, say today’s fashion Photoshop police.

The ads, shot by Nino Munoz, feature the divine “Mad Men’ star in a sizzling iconic trench coat.

“London Fog is a classic brand, which I love. It also ties into ‘Mad Men’ — we used London Fog in the show and this was a nice way to tie everything together,” Hendricks said. “The trench is such an iconic shape for men and women. It worked in the 1960s and it works now.”

If only London Fog loved Christina as much as she loves them.

Jezebel is on the Photoshop case this morning, laying out the inches lost with unretouched photos from the Nino Munoz London Fog photoshoot against the real-deal Christina Hendricks that America adores.

Thanks Jezebel for jumping to expose on another Photoshop attack on America’s beautiful women.

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