Lizzie Miller Is a 'Real' but Hardly 'Average' American Woman

The great news is that Glamour magazine has enjoyed a sensational response to their photo of size 12-14, blond bombshell Lizzi Miller. Caught in a gorgeous, impromptu pose of looking confident and happy with herself, the photo has unleashed a real-world women lovefest.

Glamour editor in chief Cindi Leive says this will indeed cause Glamour to take a look at the range of models used in the magazine.

Sound the trumpets! This is a very good thing to inspire American women that we can look good, even with a bit of a paunch.

What Glamour has captured with Lizzi is a woman who looks real and aspirational at the same time. She has ‘flaws’.

For advertisers, designers and consumer research that swears that women prefer ‘thin’ women, Lizzi is a fantastic hybrid.

While the average American woman may be size 12-14 (I believe she’s now 14-16), she is not 5’11” tall.

My first reaction to Lizzi’s photos was: how fabulous, she has a real-woman tummy. I couldn’t believe she’s a size 14, until I read her height.

The average American woman is about 5’4” tall. I don’t want to destroy any positive embrace American women have of a naked woman of any size. When you love yourself physically, you will eat better and hopefully exercise.

Lizzi MIller on the Today Show

Lizzie is not average in any way, at 5’11”. If the result of the Glamour photo is that we see 5’9” models, who are a size 10, that’s equally good news. Smart Sensuality women want to be a healthy weight, ideally a BMI not over 25, because science has confirmed this week that excess weight shrinks our brains.

Brain loss driven by obesity (BMI over 30) attacks the most critical areas of the brain: . At least from me, Lizzi’s message won’t be that obesity is “in”.

I’m not endorsing Beth Ditto’s philosophy that women are healthy at every size, and strictly for scientific reasons. Anne

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