Lara Stone Says "If I Must" to Keeping US Size 4 Body

Thankfully, someone has talked some sense into Lara Stone’s fine mind. While Stone continues to call herself “the fat girl”, she no longer swears to go on a diet and end it all — her womanly US size 4 curves, I mean.

Lara Stone, photographed by Mario Testino, British Vogue Dec. 2009, via Fashion Gone Rogue.comIn the midst of all the Photoshop, size zero model conversation, Lara Stone’s ascendancy as a fashion model reminds us of bonafide, real-woman supermodels. At 5’10” and size 4, Stone’s hardly an Amazonian goddess, but in today’s fashion world, she’s statuesque.

Lara is sensitive on this subject, so for heavens sake, don’t call her b—.

This gorgeous, crazy woman delivers Christmas joy in December’s British Vogue, while admitting in a candid interview that not only does she eat pizza but she’s an alcoholic.

“I am a complete alcoholic. It used to be so easy to say to someone, ‘Get me a bottle of vodka,’ and they’d run and get it. Going to rehab was the best decision I ever made. The last six months have been the best of my life.” via Fashionologie for more of her interview

A week after she left rehab, she was back in the game, attending the Costume Institute Gala in early May with Alexander Wang. “I sat there all night in complete shock. I didn’t say a word.”

See the entire set of British Vogue Lara Stone photos on a great fashion photo blog Fashion Gone Rogue.

Lara Stone, photographed by Mario Testino, British Vogue Dec. 2009, via Fashion Gone Rogue.comThe fashion industry is waiting for confirmation that Lara Stone will represent Louis Vuitton in their next campaign. Madonna is no more. Daniel Lalonde, the label’s president and CEO said:  “We have a tendency to always change the person responsible, the ambassador for each campaign. So it’s a very natural, organic thing for us.” via NY Magazine

The Dutch model’s lips have been called x-rated. Here we see them very pouty and determined — a moment of revenge, perhaps? — in Paolo Roversi’s shoot for Vogue Italia.

Lara Stone reeks of Smart Sensuality style, which is why we’re so happy to hear that pilates is on deck but wasting away to a nonsexual woman is not.

Lara Stone by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia, via Fashion Gone Rogue.comStone is also in new ERES ads, which I’m taking over to Sexy futures. Here you see them at Marie Claire UK

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