Jennifer Hawkins 'Au Naturel" for Marie Claire Au

What’s that song “It’s raining men.”

Well, it’s raining naked women everywhere, except for Tiger Woods on the cover of Vanity Fair”. I’m on my way to bed and I see an un-airbrushed Miss Universe 2004 and model Jennifer Hawkins, on the cover of February’s Australian Marie Claire.

Some are slamming the magazine, claiming that Jennifer Hawkins isn’t a ‘real woman’ either. So what is a ‘real woman’?

I think this conversation is becoming complex. Are we saying that a woman with an average, medically-healthy, doctor recommended BMI of 20-25 (in this case probably 20-21) should no longer model on magazine covers because she’s not a ‘real woman’?

Promoting a medically-approved BMI is a different editorial position than printing airbrushed BMI 17 models as the only standard of beauty month after month.

The photos that follow of ‘curvy’ models in the Jan. V Magazine and a gorgeous spread of Crystal Renn in Brigitte, show some magazines making an effort this month.

I’ll read up on the anti sentiments about Jennifer Hawkins tomorrow. For tonight I do have a health article that didn’t get posted yet. Obesity now poses as great a threat to quality of life as smoking, new research from Science Daily.

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