"It's Complicated"| Meryl Streep Really Is Box Office Queen

Click to view trailer with new scenes.Meryl Streep’s “It’s Complicated” opens today. The movie is a Nancy Myers film, with lots written recently about the dearth of women professionals in creative industry positions. Myers is a rare exception.

The movie takes on multiple stereotypes that are part of our own Anne of Carversville perspective. Ten years after her marriage failed, food has become, for Jane, owner of a successful bakery and coffeehouse almost a surrogate for love. (See Love Potions).

Simultaneously, food is the trigger of erotic moments. Jane is the hot, if hardly hot-bodied older woman, who jumps back into an affair with her ex, now married to a Karl Lagerfeld woman. 

Watch the trailer for some new scenes not covered in the ad trailer blanketing America.

Meryl Streep’s on the cover of Jan. 2010 Vanity Fair, disputing the argument that Hollywood is no place for older women. Truth is that Meryl Streep at 60 has become the industry’s “new box-office queen.”


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