Ieva Laguna | Greg Kadel | It's So Easy Being Beautiful | Right?

Isn’t the pursuit of beauty and fashion glamour fun?

After all my writing about curvers and whittled waists, potato-chip eating mommies and anoxeric coathanger models, sagging ear lobes and flat chests, ample bosoms and ‘real women’ — whatever they are — I just had a good laugh when I saw this Ieva Laguna editorial for Vogue Germany Nov 2010.

There are moments when one says ‘enough’, we’re not curing cancer here. That’s my brother’s job. I am stuck in the muck of fashion frivolity.

Photographer Greg Kadel always does well, but this editorial honoring Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more, styled by Nicola Knels is quirky and off kilter for sure. Does it carry a message? Who knows and today who cares. Enjoy the show … and for every man (and woman) who dreams of his (or her) grande-bosom goddess, here you go.Anne