Glamour June 2010: Every Body Is A Hot Body!

The photos from Glamour’s June 2010 issue are out and Crystal Renn, Alessandra Ambrosio and Brooklyn Decker look gorgeous.

We’re taking the Internet pulse on reactions so far. Read AOC’s Sunday night American Women’s Body Image Debate Tries to Define Curvy.

There’s a great story in the London Times about Gary Dakin, who has long championed larger models as the head of the plus-size division of Ford Models.

Interviewed by Louise France, Dakin — who represents Crystal Renn — has a lot to say, and one nugget that registers with us as potentially profound.

“Do you often tell your models to eat?” I ask him. “Absolutely,” he replies. “Some of them have been struggling for so long they don’t know how to eat any more. They don’t know how not to be hungry.”

“They don’t know how not to be hungry.” For us these words apply not only to size 0 women who never eat.

Rather, they apply to women of every size who fight the perpetual controlling our bodies battle every day of our lives. Fashion hates to get serious, but we have an excellent opportunity to dig deep into the psychological terrain of this issue.

Crystal Renn’s new fashion editorial, photographed by Armin Morback for Tush Spring 2010 has drawn interesting commentary on Fashion Gone Rogue. See the complete Crystal Renn Tush Spring 2010 editorial.

Crystal Renn, Brooklyn Decker, Allesandra Ambrosio