French Vogue| Brilliantly Irreverent

French Vogue has joined my way of thinking about the battle over Lara Stone’s body, fashion and religion. The buzz is Stone’s interview in US Vogue about being the ‘fat girl’. The script is essentially the same one she gave British Vogue.

Hopefully, you’ll like my arguments about women’s need to take control of this situation — once we understand just what’s going on here and how high are the stakes. Please check out my thoughts on Lara Stone’s Sexy Body Debate Gets Religious.

Stone’s Vogue photo is all American baby food.

It’s Carine Roitfeld’s styling of Lara Stone in Dec. 2009 French Vogue that lobs the tennis ball squarely into the Vatican.

This is not the first time that a French or Italian magazine acknowledges the cultural role of the Vatican in, but Roitfeld proceeds without worrying that her office will be firebombed.

For me, the timing is great. The whipping, flogging, starving, and monitoring of women’s good girl status is worldwide. 

French and Italian women get the picture, while American women fear going to hell, just for looking at the photo.

We’re jellin’ on this topic of men’s need to control our sexuality. My own readership and private messages are increasing exponentially.  Just this week Nicholas Kristof faced his own music, asking if religion was fundamentally opposed to the emancipation of religion.

Kristof sat on the fence on this topic in his book, but Jimmy Carter dropped the gauntlet in no uncertain terms to the religious community. Read: Jimmy Carter on Religion as Agent of Women’s Oppression. Anne

Lara Stone by Decric Buchet for French Vogue, Dec. 2009, via Fashion Gone Rogue