For a Better Butt Than Kate Moss, Do Squats & Lunges

Let me begin by saying that I’m damn sympathetic to what celebrities and models go through, always being on the end of a long-range, up close and personal camera lens. The crowd watching Kate Moss on the Louis Vuitton catwalk last week probably didn’t get such a royal view of her bum.

The Daily Mail is super critical of these body image flaws, down to the veins in Madonna’s hands. Nevertheless, this article — while too bad for Kate Moss — gives encouragement to older women who take up squats and lunges. They are a pain in the royal ass, because I do them.

As you probably surmised, Kate’s bum is the one in the iddle, and most women would be happy to have it. This is normal aging and hardly makes Kate any less desirable, now that we’ve seen her backside up close and personal.

Daily Mail’s Femail asked other women aged between 26 and 56 to recreate 37-year-old Kate’s provocative pose and to share their secrets of a shapely derriere.  You can see the younger women online.

Valerie Burns, 56

I’m darn inspired by Valerie Burns, 56 and a fitness instructor from Winchmore Hill, Buckinghamshire. Valerie’s amazing body as produced four sons. She says that exercise and fitness have been the key to maintaining her body through the decades. We say ‘amen’.

Heather Pope, 40

Heather lives in Horsham, West Sussex and has a daughter. After giving birth at 30, Heather’s body changed. Now 40, Heather says “I’ve never had a problem with cellulite, but my bum was getting saggy and it was a slog getting back in shape. In my 30s I made a conscious effort to get fit again so, once I’d managed it, I was determined to maintain my figure.

Tips: in the gym or at home, focus on lunges, squats and bridges — pushing your body up from a lying down position. Discover exercises which target your glute muscles in the buttocks. Always ask for help if you’re confused about the moves.

An excellent suggestion: when you get in and out of the chair, don’t use your hands. This is the equivalent of doing squats.

My takeaway from these images of older women is there’s never a time that’s not great to start doing the tough exercises. Granted, Heather and Valerie have worked long and hard to get their bums in shape but they must have a little satisfaction in knowing that their derrieres trump that of a top model.

Exercise is critical to living a Sensual and Superyoung lifestyle. Make no mistake — lunges and squats are also good for triggering libido in brain and body. Anne