Demi Moore | Photoshop Perfume Woman

Celebrity Demi Moore helps us understand the pre Photoshop and post op of a national ad campaign, after the digital beauty-makers dig in to the digitals.

This Helena Rubenstein ad is no Photoshop scandal, just more of an educational reminder that women — not even Demi Moore — look like the woman on the left.

The ‘real’ Demi photo on the right is posted on husband Ashton’s Twitter page. She’s wearing the same top, similar makeup. The lighting is vastly different, which mas a major effect on appearance, even pre Photoshop-fixing.

Other folks have poured over the changes — including enhanced cleavage. My preference is that we stop looking for age spots, but we’re all on the same page here.

The Ralph Lauren disaster may have subsided, but Jezebel and several other major websites are committed to tracking fashion editorial far into the future, when the subject is making women even ‘more beautiful’ than we already are.  Anne

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