Dazzling Jane Fonda Rocks Cannes As 'Klute' Oscar Star Supports 'Sleeping Beauty'

All media agree that Jane Fonda, 73, was a knockout in Cannes, walking the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in an Emilio Pucci dress that was both elegant and damn sexy.

Fonda admits to having some surgery on her chin, neck and eyes in 2010. She had breast implants in the 70s.

Like many Sensual & Superyoung women, she wants her appearance to match her youthful energy level. Image withstanding the scrutiny of all these cameras! Yikes. And where are the women photographers?

Fonda joined Diane Kruger and Rachel McAdams in supporting the premiere of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at the 64th festival Wednesday night.

‘Sleeping Beauty’ is no Disney movie.

Sucker Punch’s Emily Browning stars in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ as a student who takes a night job acting out erotic fantasies for older men. Julia Leigh’s Australian film, which does not yet have U.S. distribution, had other intriguing elements. It was directed by a novelist (“The Hunter”) making her cinematic debut. It had the guidance and imprimatur of “The Piano” director Jane Campion, who presented it.

Writing about the opening, the LA Times says the film was unsettling among the crowd, raising ‘eyebrows with its matter-of-fact submissiveness practiced by Browning’s Lucy as she bedded down with her clients.’

In a moment that did hark back to “Sucker Punch” and its thin line between victim and perpetrator, Browning said she was trying to craft a new kind of kind of anti-heroine, one who’s neither pitied nor glorified. “She physically looks innocent, but she’s very aware,” Browning said of her character. “I don’t see her as a victim in any way. There’s something perverse about her … letting things happen to her.”

Sleeping Beauty Trailer

Returning to our older-woman beauty Jane Fonda, the UCLA Longevity Center will receive this year’s 2011 ICON Award for her memorable roles in ‘Klute’ and ‘Coming Home’ and her ongoing support of exercise, healthy living and active aging.

In ‘Klute’ Jane Fonda played a prostitute Bree Daniels in ‘Klute’, making the film shortly after her high-profile trip to Vietnam.

Jane Fonda in ‘Klute’

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