Dame Shirley Bassey and Twiggy | How to Age Brilliantly

Fresh faced: Photo of sixties icon Twiggy released as she is announced as the new face of Olay just months before her 60th birthday

Anne here, having a personal reflection. In all honesty, the terrific Twiggy never reminded me of anything but the need to go on a diet. That’s my challenge, not hers.Twiggy was great.

Dame Shirley Bassey I’ve idolized for decades, relating to every message in Bassey’s interesting life.

Looking at Twiggy today, she reminds me of what’s right with my own over-50-face, so there’s no running away from her now.

Still lean but never mean, Twiggy has a new job. Three months before turning 60, the former supermodel has returned to Olay, as the 12-month face of Olay’s Definity anti-ageing brand.

I have no idea whether Twiggy and Dame Shirley Bassey even know each other. Perhaps they just intersect in my private mind.

The Daily Mail writes that 72-year-old Dame Shirley has just signed a deal for £500,000 to record just one album. I’ve used Shirley Bassey’s music in my presentations, and I can confirm that my young audience loves her message.

Eat your heart out £250 Hunter wellies: Dame Shirley was the original boot queen at Glastonbury in 2007; via UK Daily MailAs for myself, Shirley Bassey’s Get the Party Started is Number 1 on my i-Pod for self-motivation, exercise, getting myself out of a bad mood. Shirley’s my girl. Did I mention that Shirley Bassey’s a quintessential Smart Sensuality woman. Well she is!

Rock On, ladies! Anne