Crystal Renn | No More Fat Girl | Smart Sensuality Woman In Control of Herself?

We meet up with Crystal Renn for another chapter in her evolving life. Amid lots of buzz that Crystal Renn is becoming too thin, other dimensions to her story are emerging. Designers like to dress her in latex, an image that Renn cultivated in her appearance at Cipriani 42 Street, October 21, 2010.

Crystal Renn was interviewed by NY Magazine about her weight loss, her new exercise routine and Mr Lagerfeld.

On Chaneling Her Inner Dominatrix

Renn says that she’s noticed that designers like her in rubber, and we’re not talking condoms. Agreeing that perhaps she does give off a dominatrix vibe (cough, cough), Crystal is embracing her Smart Sensuality self on her own terms.

Crystal Renn lensed by Derek Kettela, Paper Planes F/W 2010This is our point with women: be you and don’t rely on some bombshell bra to give you temporary self-confidence that isn’t for real. (See Renn’s wonderful images in Paper Planes F/W 2010.)

It’s a most superficial trick to enhance one’s bra size two sizes, especially if you’re on a hot date with a guy who loves big-busted women and has no idea that there’s a moment of truth-telling coming in the bedroom. We’re not knocking push-up bras, but vavavoom distortions are an entirely different topic.

Crystal Renn picks up the theme of being ‘one’ with her body, and this does involve using her body for self-expression. Nudity doesn’t bother her, she says, whatever her size. It’s clear that Crystal Renn has an inner dialogue going with the woman in the mirror, an endless conversation that many women experience because of the social pressures, morality police on sexy patrols, and endless fashionista sniping about body size. 

“My entire career has been speaking about the body and being proud of my body. And I’m all for showing it. To wear as much clothes as I’m wearing now, it feels very natural to go either way,” Crystal answered to the question of whether or not she would wear pasties and her suit on the street.

On Exercise and Weight Loss

Crystal Renn insists that she has recovered from her eating disorder and what she’s unveiling now is body love, not body ambivalence.

“About a year and a half ago, I had a lot of personal things going on. And I went hiking and I wanted to get my shit together. I wanted to take care of myself. It had been eight years since I’d worked out. I’d suffered an eating disorder and I used to exercise eight hours a day. But I’d recovered. It’s time to change things, to give it a chance again. I guess you could say that through my life changes and what was going on, I wanted to make some changes in my life and taking care of my health was one of them.” via NY Magazine

Crystal took time off and went to Patagonia, where she took up hiking and yoga. The increasingly popular model says she’s not selling out to the fashion preference for thinner women. Rather, in taking care of herself with exercise, eating nutritiously and finding her inner joy stick, so to speak, she’s simply a healthy, happy woman in her own skin.

Renn drops a small bombshell that she often doesn’t wear undergarments. Take that Victoria’s Secret!

I’m so sorry for anyone who might be offended by my eccentric ways — but when I do wear it, I make sure it’s a special occasion, and I wear it as a special thing, feeling special, so therefore the effect is stronger than ever. As opposed to every day, feeling the effect. Special times, special measures.

Crystal Renn has learned to accept an embrace her sensual self and her body. It’s not for us to crucify her for ‘selling out’ when Crystal has undertaken the personal journey that so many women refuse to embrace.

A key plank in Anne’s Sensual & Superyoung philosophy is that American women deny their sensuality and physicality, due to not only societal pressures, but religious ones.

Remember two-thirds of American women believe that God is a male form, one aware — and often watching — our every move. This group subdivides in half with 50% of these women (about one-third of all American women) believing that God will punish them aggressively for their sins, and the other half (or one-third of the total women) believing that God is more benevolent and forgiving.

In either case, He is watching us.

Facing the Facts of Self Love and Obesity

Women argue that the obesity gene makes us fat; that fast food makes us obese; that we don’t have time to exercise; that we’re too tired to care about ourselves. 

American and British, too, women have an endless list of reasons why we are increasingly obese. The biggest argument of all is that obesity is healthy and people like Anne should shut up.

This argument for healthy obesity — whether it comes from Jezebel’s Dodai or Beth Ditto — defies 95% of the scientific research available, making almost every obese woman an exception to scientific, medical research from the best medical institutions in the word.

Obesity, Sustainability and Global Warming

Anne has been thinking lately that there’s not much of difference between the groups who deny global warming and those who deny the negative health effects on their own bodies and the national economy over obesity.

In America today, just about all science is some kind of conspiracy theory.

The attitude refects out national tendency to not want to deal with anything of importance. God will save his divine-right nation from every ill. We speak of Washington gridlock. Most of America rejects what calls ‘news for neurons’, reflecting a national attitude that detests quantifiable facts on any subject.

Obesity is no exception as a politically-incorrect subject for Americans to tackle.

Crystal Renn’s Body Peace Treaty

Crystal Renn is making peace with her body in a most public way. Crystal Renn insists that she remains 5’9” and a size 8-10. Maybe. It appears that she has her size 6 days in recent photos.

There is no medical evidence that Renn is returning to a state of anorexia. At 5’9”, if she’s down to 140 pounds, she still has a BMI of 20.7 which is medically sound. The fact that Renn appears to be ‘killing herself again’ is a reflection of our own distortion of what a 21 BMI body looks like.

It is always possible that Crystal Renn is slipping into her old ways, but losing weight is not evidence of an unhealthy mind on body-image.

Even though Crystal Renn’s fans may turn against her — angry that she has made peace with the woman in the mirror; angry that her love of exercise is remolding her body; angry that Crystal Renn is accepting the reality of her sensual physicality; and furious that she loves herself enough to nurture her being with a healthy lifestyle — we’re talking Crystal Renn’s body, mind and soul here, and not the rest of America’s.

Renn’s reason for being isn’t to make the rest of us feel better about ourselves.

In the just-released US Harper’s Bazaar images of Crystal Renn, she does look thin. Some images involve camera effects, a topic we took up several months ago. Camera angles do create distortions.

From the beginning of her journey, Crystal Renn has stated that she wants to communicate an attitude of self-love and body-acceptance among women. She never promised to stay a size 12-14 for the rest of us. She continues to encourage all women to love themselves as we are.

What fans reject about Crystal Renn is her premise today that if we truly do love the woman in the mirror, many of us will take better care of her. Like Crystal, some of us will treat our beautiful bodies of every size with a renewed passion for exercise, healthy eating, and leading a more sensually-aware lifestyle.

This is Anne’s personal experience and one she embraces with passion and a desire to communicate it to others.

To Each Her Own

Anne isn’t enchanted with the top image of Renn but is gaga over the second one. Our preferences are irrelevant in this false-premise debate. If Crystal is happy with the woman in her mirror, that’s all that matters. If for any reason, Crystal Renn is slipping back into anorexia, we trust she’ll come clearn. Today there’s no reason to assume that she’s anything but healthy and full of vitality and joy.

Crystal says she’s never been happier in her life. That’s what matters.

Below are new images of the forthcoming Crystal Renn editorial for US Harper’s Bazaar’s December 2010 issue.

Crystal Renn | Paola Kudacki | Harper’s Bazaar December 2010

Crystal Renn looks simply spectacular, lensed by Paola Kudacki in chic sportswear from classic labels Bottega Veneta, Chloe and Michael Kors. Styled by Natasha Royt, Crystal Renn puts Harper’s Bazaar US on the map in the December 2010 issue. via FGR



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