Crystal Renn in New Chanel, New York Store Reopening Ad

The beautifully voluptuous Crystal Renn appears in a new ad for the September reopening of Chanel’s Spring Street Soho store in new York. This is the second time that Crystal Renn has worked for Lagerfeld, having modeled in his 2011 resort show in St Tropez.

Crystal Renn is photographed looking as if she’s just spent quality time in a loving encounter with Baptiste Giabiconi, Karl’s favorite muse and man in his life.

Most bloggers — including us — wish that Crystal Renn didn’t suck up to Karl Lagerfeld quite so effusively in her recent comments. But this is her right, of course, as a professional. We’re on record as saying we believe that Karl Lagerfeld is misogynistic in his views of women and we will hold that position until he has a much longer record of pro-female behavior and comments about women.

The media notes that Baptiste Giabiconi’s torso is bare, with Renn’s covered. We don’t care about that disparity. The fact that Baptiste isn’t looking in Renn’s direction suggests that their intimacy isn’t real. We’ve written extensively about the dislocation of human intimacy in Karl Lagerfeld’s videos and images.

Renn believes her Chanel ads speak to positive changes in the industry.

“I think the fashion industry is changing and is more open to a new ideal,” says Renn. “It’s about a personality and a moment’s not about body size it’s about talent and effort…I hope the industry sees this [campaign] as an example of that.”

Within this context, we are all on the same page, on behalf of healthy images of women. Carry on Crystal Renn. via Fashionista.