Claudia Schiffer | 'I Like Myself So Much Better Today'

London Times Alexia Skinitis writes about Claudia Schiffer: There aren’t many women who could honestly and confidently say they feel and look better at 39 than they ever have before. In fact, Claudia Schiffer may well be one of just a handful. 

I think Alexia’s been camped out under a rock for a few years, with large numbers of women knowing that they look better — more vibrant and beautiful — at 40 and much older.  It’s very true, as Claudia Schiffer says in this interview “I like myself so much better today” that one must make a concerted effort to look good.

The former supermodel, still going strong, reflects on her life priorities as wife to film director/producer husband of seven years, Matthew Vaughn and mom to Casper, 6, and Celmentine, 4.

Unfortunately, the London Times doesn’t give us any photos of Claudia Schiffer, but we posted spectacular ones earlier in the week, in Claudia Maxima: Simply Stunning.