Chinese Inventor's New Bra Solves Next "Nipple Gate"

chen lu of nipple gateCCTV anchorwoman Chen Lu was in legal trouble when her nipples froze up on TV.We missed “Nipple Gate” in which a CCTV anchorwoman was embroiled in legal problems because her breasts had an unintended response to a blast of March 18, 2010 Arctic air. Apparently Netizens scrupulously tracks these scandalous episodes, trying to head off the moral corruption of children with their intense scrutiny of the female body.

The unidentified Netizen accused Chen Lu of not wearing a bra on camera.

Inventorspot reports that a 63-year-old Chinese inventor from Chengdu, Wang Shunqiao, says ‘enough’. 

new bra shows nipplesAccording to a local Chengdu news report, this progressive-thinking man says that conventional bras are akin to the “Himalayas mountains without a Mount Everest”, and that they just don’t do justice to the natural female form. He claims that his nipple bra is a healthier and more natural option, unlike regular bras that can add too much pressure. 

Wang is also convinced that the bra is better for a woman’s health than ordinary bras, as well. “Friction caused by the fibers rubbing against the nipples can also cause a blockage of the mammary glands, leading to illness,” he explained.

The deputy head of the Chengdu Military Hospital department of plastic surgery and cosmetology said that a well-fitting bra should have no impact on a nipple. A doctor from Huaxi Hospital’s plastic surgery and cosmetology department said that the majority of breast disease and abnormalities usually arise from internal problems, not external pressure.

Wang goes on to describe himself as a liberator, claiming that in the tradition of Sun Yat-sen who liberated women’s bound feet, Wang Shunqiao intends to free women’s breasts.  via