Chanel Iman| VS Angels Golden Girl

Victoria’s Secret has a group of new Angels, most notably Chanel Iman. Ms. Chanel just showed up in a fashion editorial for Deutsch magazine.

Having raked Ralph Lauren over the coals over Photoshop abuse, we can’t ignore other equally distorted representations of women. I don’t get the point of why women must become cartoons of themselves, and I do understand the influence of anime and digital art on fashion. 

Chanel Iman in Deutsch by David Romer

Gorgeous Chanel Iman is Photoshopped to look like New York’s, plastic surgery queen Jocelyn Wildenstein. Somebody just tell me why her own beauty and body aren’t enough for the art department? What is the urge to make women chariacatures of themselves, doll babies of real women? 

Perhaps I’m over-reacting in the midst of the Ralph Lauren Photoshop debate. Goodness knows I support artistic expression. But it seems that the actual woman is never beautiful enough or thin enough for the Photoshop folks. They must remake her in their vision of what she should be.

When women become as thin as Chanel Iman is Photoshopped to be in these photos — or shot at this angle as the beauty idea — she stops menstruating and loses her fertility. Her hair falls out and her bones become brittle.

Do I think this is some unconscious sinister patriarchal plot against women. Subconsciously, yes I do. Call me crazy. Rest of fashion editorial photos at 

New York socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein

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