Carmen | MGM Grand 'Crazy Horse'

We must go to London as usual, for the unvarnished photos of Carmen Electra in Las Vegas.

We’ll start with Carmen looking gorgeous and womanly at 37, sharing her love of the Crazy Horse (I agree) and desire to become part of their burlesque dancer heritage with the LA Times.

The LA Times title might be Carmen Electra goes topless in Crazy Horse, trying to pick up salacious Internet readers, but the single photo is not for show.

via LA Times

You might miss the fact, admist all the hootin’ and hollerin’ from the (sometimes drunken) men folk, but there’s a lot of ballet moves in the Crazy Horse routines. Add a dose of deeply sensual voyeurism and innuendo, and the Crazy Horse can be a feast for our senses.

I’m on record saying that I love the Crazy Horse in Paris, except for the drunken Germans.

USA Today also interviews Carmen Electra, using the same photo.

London Calling

Despite the reporting in the LATimes, I can assure you that Carmen Electra went fully topless in Las Vegas, and it had nothing to do with lighting illusions.

The Daily Mail, which can be horrifically, scathingly catty about women’s bodies gave a saucy nod to Carmen’s curves, suggesting that maybe Mel B, playing over at Planet Hollywood Hotel’s The Peek Show, spent too much time in the gym.

OK, my dear readers. At the risk of offending you — but remember I’m just reporting here, we’re having an Oprah-esque moment, body to body. I’ll be I know which body men prefer … but we’re not talking about them.

We’re talking about us and our self-image and tendency to loathe the women in the mirror because she’s not thin enough. That woman may be YOU.

So here we have Carmen Electra in Las Vegas pole-dancing her heart out, womanly curves and all.

And for the grand finale — well there she is in much of her glory, compliments of the mainstream London Press, although I don’t think the London Times would print these photos.  I’ll check.

At 37, I’d say Carmen Electra is holding her own, feeling good about herself and showing us what confidence is all about. Now about the ballet moves, Carmen. I’ve seen enough Crazy Horse performances to know you’re right, but … where are the ballet moves? Anne